This is what I wrote on 4/20...


     So this somewhat absurd attempt at amateur A.I. design theory technically happened 4/20 last year, my first full experience with marijuana on consistent levels. I had previous occasions where I've smoked in a social setting, but never alone and at my own pace. Typically, I can be a deep, random creative thinker. About as often as I am a mental Buffoon. Kidding, That's only about a quarter of the time.

     My goal on that occasion was to try and allow the wave of Thoughts to flow seamlessly and steady. I wanted to experience the high while I was already high on my own thoughts.

apparently, the following is what came out:

 Photo by Josh Riemer on Unsplash


Theory on creating Artificial Intelligence that could evolve into sentient Thinking and reasoning.

Core Programming
  • Nervous system ( Cause And Effect)
  • Instinct (The catalyst for experience)
  • Experience (exposing the nervous system and the instinct to practical situational factors where the AI is split into a simulated species that “evolves” based on cause and effects within its environment)
Nervous System
“Thumbprint of intelligent design”, the initiation of the Nervous system is a cheat sheet, in a way. The Nervous system is the core pre-programming from which the other two elements are anchored on.
The nervous system is the component in sentient life from which environment interactions resonant from. An element, such as a cell, would develop a more complex way of external environmental factor interpretations.  This is also understood when suggesting cause and effect between active forces within an ecosystem. A Cellular organism within a changing climate would have developed sensory adequate for and on per with the catalyst, via way of physical elements, connected to a brain stem solely for processing that would “alert” the organism to factors that would threaten the existence of the organism. This is NOT thought nor instinct. This is Chemistry; Cause and Effect.
We have a Nervous system, A processor/actualizer in the way of the brain, and the brain & spinal stem.
The Brain is an empty, compartmentalized 4th-dimensional element composed of a collection of all the forms of matter within its environment, like a tree that is the air, sun, dirt, water and is different from but interacts with each compound elements. Within this imaginative setting for a living tree in its ecosystem, imagine if that tree was given a nervous system that reflexes based on stimuli or external factors?  
The following would have to happen; it would have a more flexible, adaptable structure that can accommodate minimal spastic movement. Which would lead to active use of energy, in-which further environmental interactions would be necessary to replenish lost reserved energy. This state is similar to a cell in the human body.
A Cell, given more complexity within its environment then grows more complex itself. Evolving to develop lesser versions of itself as buffers between its core, and the ecosystem. This path of responsive evolution leads to a complex structure whose sole purpose is to respond to environmental factors on a chemical level which can be then interpreted by the processor in order to maximize energy acquisition of the core element, the brain stem.
Reference the RNA snail memory transplant as an example of programming A.I.

     Unfortunately, I never finished it and I won't begin to pretend that I’m going to sale anyone the idea that I'm onto something. I guess my point for even sharing this is to highlight a story about one of the many effects of marijuana.

     No, it didn't make me into some type of rocket scientist, nor did it make me into a king of the Stone Age. What it did, however, is open up parts of my mind that I didn't even know I could have Explored.

So what does it do extra for you?


Photo by Josh Riemer on Unsplash

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