The Wagon

I dislike our Modern Human era. I have nothing to compare it to, except the dreams I was led to believe in, and the logic that I apply to what I believe and accept as a proper Era for Humankind. 

Sure, we have plenty of rich folk, a few secret conglomerates scattered around the globe, and plenty of innovations in science. In contrast, none of the above has done enough for Humankind and the Planet as a whole. This is evident on a global scale. It's 2021 and there is a Nation putting the brakes on girls and young women going to school. Formally, this nation had a pretty stellar all woman robotics team of primed-to-be-brilliant minds.  Furthermore, NOW virtually every government,  politician and a majority of corporations are on board for 'tackling climate change'. Seeing as whole town's in Germany are being washed away by more frequent and severe storm events, I guess it was time to take the warnings seriously.

In our lifetime, we have seen bullshit come to a head. We witness history rewrite itself, while the foundations of millions crumble as  entertainment keeps us distracted enough to numb the indifference. I personally am ever thankful for Anime, football was great until seeing the bigger picture ruined it for me. That and my NY teams aren't much to be hype about. 

My point is, we have watched our fellow humans fail everyone for superficial causes like greed, pride and power. 

Personally I can't sit and watch them continue the cycle. Selling Tshirts isn't enough for me. Giving 5% to charities isn't enough for the difference my Rage, wisdom and Passion wants to make. 

We have to rebuild our foundations. Strong, clear, capable and ethically transparent. Unified by a Common cause that weaves across social media, technical industry, entertainment, etc.

Buying Black isn't enough.

Build, invest, breathe our symbiotic movement until it is normal. 

I have sick friends and not enough health care for them. 

Gangs are ruining entire cities-a pandemic of the 'devil's fools'. 

Women Denied Education.

It’s us, other humans mucking it up for the majority. 

I sincerely want to help build the World We deserve. Starting with education, followed by resources. 

A Lot of Humans are back to basics like food, shelter and survive as being the best they can keep up with. Still, anyone with an SSN plays a part in a thriving system, one which has it's resources mis-managed and misused. #warbudget. #Borderwall. #pipelines. 

A fraction of those funds could create community centers focusing on skill set development and local activism. What if local Gangs became community watch and we're endorsed by Pepsi. Call it the Hood leagues, where they compete based on similar skill sets (hoops, hip-hop, shooting targets, etc) work their way up to nationals or stay local and Run a small business.

What I am trying to say is, Humans are resources. Choose wisely.


What I am trying to say is, we are better (as a species, as tribes) than the current state of affairs and we need to collectively get it together, establish new systems of self management and innovation, and get our people and World healthy, wise and ready for civil ascension.



{I wrote this in response to my current lack of consistency/drive/passion. I needed to remind myself what I give a damn about, and why. That's pretty much my way of getting back on It.}

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