The Rain, Happy Loner, Where The Dark Things Are; This week's HTOM Songs!

Hey there! I have a somewhat proper intro below but 1st lets look at my personal stats i refer to as a way to paint a clearer picture of how I visualize the music I listen to.

Where The Dark Things Are


My High with ‘Where the dark things are’:

Mood Range: Playfully Dark. My basic mood on a good, bad day.

Settings: Underground Club, Martial Art working studio (maybe on my ninja sh!t)

Artist Element: Imaginative, enchanting

The Rain

Smash Into Pieces

My High with ‘The Rain’:

Mood Range: - Inspirational, deep energetic, adventurous.

Settings: Overcoming your fears.

Artist Element: Cross-Genre feels.

Happy Loner



My High with ‘Happy Loner’:

Mood Range: - Most Relatable; that “I wanna be Sad’ type of feeling. Introspective. 

Settings: ‘The Abyss’, A quiet place, Back of the Library, 

Artist Element: Fancifully Depressing.

I decided to cover a group of songs for this entry as I find these 3  to parallel with sides of my mood as of late. To be fair to "Happy Loner", I originally had it listed as a single entry but disregards how much the song caught my attention as a fresh listen earlier this week, it's a bummer and I just got less bummed. To even out my blog and mood, it almost seemed natural how these unrelated songs, when looked at via a design of one character,  can distinguish a person. in any one of us, you could find a happy Loner, taking in inspiration from a clean rain while resting where the dark things are. 

Something to that effect and perhaps more eloquently worded, I sincerely relate to most of the lyrics in Happy Loner:

Waking up late, I feel demotivated
Everything's wrong, guess my thoughts escalated
When I'm alone, things are under control
When I'm alone, I can turn off the world

- Marina.

That's just the beginning of the song.

I also needed to hear the tone and energy of Smash into pieces 'Rain' in order to get my ass focused again.

A man can try to change
To wash away the stains
Accustomed to the pain, mm-mmm
Make somethin' of today
Forget from whence you came
You'll never be the slave

-Smash me into Pieces

Both songs and artists are very new to me, while Kerli is in semi regular passive rotation. It was recently that I paid personal attention to her cataloged, selected an album that was near familiar but newly exciting, and allowed myself to fall into those parallel World's I find myself feeling when fully immersed in, and guided by music.

A straight forward, chanting vocal melody that plays dangerously close to the hardest ends of deep bass, lifted by a industrial cyberpunk feel, ' Where the Dark Things Are' reminds me that I can build a kingdom in the shadows instead of being victim to it's loathing emotional abyss. 

Cause you know I would die if I won't live
Push me down to my knees
And take me where the dark things are


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