The Power of the Black Dollar vs Russia

According to spending data referenced by Dr. Boyce Watkins, 

Russia is the worlds 11th largest economy with approx. 1.5 trillion dollars in spending. 

 For comparison, it is report that Black people have over  1.6 trillion dollars in spending annual spending power.



Collectively, our impact on the economy surpasses the GDP of a country powerful enough to fund and start a war. Yet locally many of us struggle with debt, education and medical expenses, while trying to find our place in a nation that doesn't represent us on a equal footing with the constitution of our country.

Black Spending has a major impact on the economy we are apart of, yet culturally beneficial examples of our spending power are few and far. 

  1.  Buying Black own (from Home products to Tax services.)
  2. Establishing and running Black institutions (ones that teach trades, life skills and contribution and civil progress)
  3. Investing in Community sustaining skills (gardening, Off-the-grind utilities, small business block parties)

The dreams of our people must include our people.



     Most of them are celebrating themselves, and not the people. 


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