The Dusk108 Show Premiere!


This is my new show! the One true show to rule all my other stuff. this reminds me that I missed out on putting a LOTR reference in this episode:-[.

Well, it's better to make a deadline at this point lol.

I Can't wait to explore my take on #science #money #art #life with you, my Tribe.

This Episode features several segments that can be navigated below.

Collectively, the Theme is #Quantumcomputing, and #investing in it. 

A wise choice for the future whose industries will be led by that technology.

We also have a Music segment featuring an artist we love! 

stay tuned for her;-)




0:32 -Intro

02:00 Science and Tech

06:10 Music Feature

10:52 AJE Economics

13:02 Entrepreneurial resource

15:15 Business Highlight

16:35 Art and Credits

You can find all the related episode references below. We encourage you to pick any that interests you and continue the exploration into the topic. 

---China's Spaceship References---


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