Summer Wrap-Up! Thank You to our Friends, Fans and Customers.

August has been a busy and enlightening month for me personally, as well as 


I have so much content to post and premiere! However, the editing oh the editing.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy that part in a special way. it allows me to work out my OCD's, but make for a slower turn around as a pick at details and try new things before locking down a final project direction most times. 

I've started to storyboarding more and defining the details of even conceptual projects as a get the idea's out of my head and on the 'Creation Queue'.

Most importantly, 

None of my work is possible without the support from and the OVEREAGER Brand, but without a customer and Fan base...

This Company would not have made it without You.

The gear and apparel not only fund the business, naturally, but allows me to make a difference in the Charities and causes we support and hope you appreciate it too. 

 As we aspire to represent the best of times in our work and designs, we wish you all the best and want to remind anyone out there that sincerely needs a hand navigating a few courses on their own road to success, we're here to Help!

Drop me, or the company a message if you are a young(ish) black professional trying to start a business but need development help.

  • Free Consultations Always.

  • Full Discretion (we keep it private until you make it public).

  • Sincere assistance; We don't waste time sweet-talking. 

 All work is done virtually, and if you live in NYC we can assist with on-site development projects such as Photoshoots, film production, etc via our inhouse and affiliate Media departments.

 I know what it's like starting a business on your own and trying to cover all avenues with limited reach. Understand your needs, follow your passions and Hustle. 

Every comment, concern and general show of support has made us, and will continue to create a better Business that can serve our community. 

Thank you for being Our bright Spirits.


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