"Starlink" and the Future of the Internet

 Simulation Courtesy Mark Handley / University College London


You don't have to be a geek, investor, or tech enthusiasts to appreciate this brief bulletin, but it helps. 

1st up let's highlight the facts. If one hits your personal interest, then keep reading.

  • Faster, more affordable internet
  • Faster, More reliable money and investment transactions.
  • More Stuff in Space equals More debris
  • Bring internet access to Third World Countries
  • Future of Space Exploration

Faster, more affordable internet

Starlink’s planned satellite array will turn out to be cheaper and more effective then installing more undersea cables as the foundation of how we connect the World online. Typically you would expect new innovation to be expensive for years, but with SpaceX’s plan, a few thousand relatively cheap independent satellites will form a literal World Wide Web that you can connect to, anywhere for a $200 one time equipment purchase.

This is huge, as Starlink will be in direct competition with every big internet provider and their Monthly rates.

$200 is still steep for much of the world, but it's a start and can only get lower as users grow and equipment production cost decrease.

Faster, More reliable money and investment transactions

Basically, this is a big deal for stocks and banking as milliseconds mean money when you need the latest stock update. 

More Stuff in Space equals More debris

We are talking over 4400 satellites in the next few years to achieve desired coverage. Though SpaceX has designed each unit to follow a protocol to minimize space waste via lighting them up in the atmosphere when it's time to retire. That's a loose description, you should probably click the link to learn more.

Bring internet access to Third World Countries

Right now in 2019, about half the world’s population has internet access. That implies ½ of the people on Earth does not have our basic access to the internet. No browsing on cell phones, no Netflix and most importantly, no access to fundamental educational tools. “With great power comes great...opportunity”, and One educator in a small village bordering countries most of us may not have honestly heard of - can introduce his students to unlimited potential in what their future holds beyond the borders. 

Future of Space Exploration

The video link on this Post's front page goes into the engineering and propulsion, to say the list. What this all means for space exploration is networking, resources, and communications. SpaceX already has a planned array in mind for future Mars colonization missions. Imagine landing on Mars and having the future equivalent of Google Earth and Google Maps at the press of a button.

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