Quick aurorasoul.com News for June!

I almost went on a random vacation in the middle of my busiest period :-O.

Good thing I accidently sabotaged the Card I was using for it, otherwise I would have missed out on some of these orders coming in. Granted, I could technically work from anywhere, I kinda need to be in the chaos that is my set-up in order for me to feel remotely, ironically, Affective. 

What's New with:



Hey thats me! Currently I am producing episodes of WEBlynks Science Briefs, while developing a content flow for associated Platforms. One of which is AJE Economics, which is really feeling like a vibe.

I also need to express my creative supernatural side. So get ready for whatever that looks. right now, it feels like at and storytelling in some form. With photo editing for my portfolio nearing my TOP 5 Need to do, (WEBLYNKS being #2 under all things Aurorasoul.com, and my Book work floating around the agenda),  I can say strange tales may be a wait. I will Draw or do some Vector art Soon, if not tonight. Hopefully next thing you see is my latest update to a current design. 

Subscribe here or follow me on IG @dusk108 to see pics of that and other creative progress. I do a lot of random stuff as well so...


Site Updates, specifically the theme/layout of my blog is the top of my tech list. I want to be able to tell a better visual story with my text, but it requires either Coding, or an extension of some type that is free and won't slow down my website.  

 Photoshoots and Contest

As illustrated with our cover photo, we had the pleasure to work with KhandieWoo LLC while creating references for the OVEREAGER Apparel Catalog. 

 Our Summer agenda will include BTS for projects as well as the motivations for what we create and wear. 


Pending details from @moonwlkrthc, aurorasoul.com is sponsoring an IG contest wear the Winner will get a selection of moonwlkr.com Gummies and a garment from our Apparel Line!

Be sure to follow our IG for more Details on how to enter.




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