Selfcare, mindfulness > Generosity?

My next entry was supposed to be: Highlighting elements in past relationships that may have key impacts to current and future ones.

Its written up but unedited, so rest assured I will continue that established conversation soon.

Today I want to explore how this topic from

Mindfulness meditation can increase selfishness and reduce generosity among those with independent self-construals

relates to recent thoughts I've had about how 'Self Care' can translate into a form of selfishness that may leave those who practice it, alone yet reaching for an audience. 

If you haven't done so, I highly recommending reading the link above from It includes an experiment testing mindful meditation, generosity, and how interdependent and independent personality traits can impact personal expression, post meditation. 

In short, having a more interdependent view of one's place in a given culture, saw an increase in charitable generosity (time or money given to the cause). Versus a decrease in generosity from independent minded individuals.

The results, I think its fair to say, are not meant to be an endorsement for one mind set over the other. If anything, its test the flexibility of our state of mind as it applies to outcomes from meditations. 


This all reminded me of questions I have in regard to certain types of individual who promote Self Care as a sub brand to their own niche. Some of the common attributes associated with that form of caring for one's self include:

  • Self imposed social Isolation
  • You above All (for given time)
  • Detachment from duty
  • Meditation
  • Active role in address your Well being, Health, and happiness


 The arguable down sides to "Self Care", isn't the actual care, but when others use it as a tactful excuse to 'Not Care'.

Do you know a 'Light Bringer' who talks about Life harmony, "we are all one and God is in us all" type of love messages? When I was 1st introduced to a new era of being human, I thought it would surely be the start of a consciousness evolution that would spearhead community wealth long over due for my people. Yet what (also) evolved was the 'Self Care Influencer' trend. One that didn't trouble me until I began to dig deeper into my life motivations and realized my friendships were better and more productive before too many of them decided to preach about love, peace and growth on social media outlets while literally ignoring social attributes in circles more intimate to them than fb. 

We live in strange times when waking up with others means being alone when it matters. 


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