Scottie Pippen

Let me start by pointing out that I had the pleasure of listening to this via Tiny Desk Home Concert. Which is my favorite way to experience familiar and unfamiliar artists. The More I like their stripped-down performance, the more I can appreciate that polished final music piece, while still feeling the soul from the intimate music setting. 



I read the comments as browsed info on the set I was listening to. Scottie Pippen was trending and sparked my curiosity. By the time I made it to the song, and last on his NPR set, I knew I would be in love with it. I’m about a dozen listen’s this week alone and expect it will melt into my otherwise hip-hop/soul/RnB void weekly casual playlist. Check out my Google Music 2021 top tracks , to see what I mean. 

Scottie Pippen has that type of melody that just does it for my mood and imagination. Lyrically, Mick Jenkins’s flow and cadence, paired with his deep, emotional transitions to vocal harmonizing; the body and narrative of this track would carry over in acapella.  Combined with Keys, Bass and Drums, and Strings, and mixing; this track has personally become my favorite self-reflective and future-driven daydream companion.

My High with: Scottie Pippen

 Mood Range:  self-reflective and future-driven daydreamer, ‘Long day at the hustle (?)’

Settings: Anytime Chill or grind. 

Artist Element: Dual Vocalist.

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