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We accidently created cover that resembles Spider-mans day job as a superhero science teacher.

Here are a couple of updates from science and tech that caught our eye!

We originally saw this next one on;

Scientists Genetically Modify Plants to Grow Meat Protein


Extracting "Growth Factor" proteins from Genetically altered barely is the name of the vegan meat game here. These "Growth Factors" originally came from animals, so having a plant based alternative to the core science of making 'Not-meat sounds serendipitous. 


Not only does this video needs love, but the science talked about in the stories reference could one day unlock mutant potential for the Human Race. That sounds like an #xmen antihero quote, but the reality could probably help cure Cancer, probably. 


 Finally -

Violent solar storm produces dazzling, swirling aurora captured on camera


A coronal mass ejection earlier this month produced some spectacular aurora effects as seen in the video below. 

Check out more from CNET in our resource links.


 Resource Links Aurora Video BBC's report on Plant Meat

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