Sex hormones, High IQs and Information equals Dark matter?: Science and Tech Stories we find intriguing.

Here's a guide to some of science and technology based stories and reports that caught my attention over the last several months.

Unique Connectivity Lets Highly Creative People’s Brains Take ‘Road Less Traveled’ to Their Destination

This article reminds me of a book that became require reading for my degree in graphic design oh so many years ago: Drawing on the right side of the brain. 

to understand both the book and the associated references in article, I would say that they both illustrate how Art and Science interplay on a philosophical level when it comes to how we express problem solving, for one. The techniques in the book are clearly instructed by ironically taking the 'creativity' out of illustrating when it leads into identify the core elements (light and shadow, etc) needed to compose any two dimensional work of art. Its the technique, the tools you have at your disposal and how you used them (creativity) that not only highlights your subjective IQ's ability, but also provides an individual with dynamic synapsis across otherwise disassociated areas of the mind. 


What's the physical  weight of an idea look like? apparently a lot like dark matter.  A physicist named Melvin Vopson from the UK is raising a startling possibility: that dark matter might be information itself. Though there isn't any proof one way or the other on the actually existence of dark matter, the idea that it may be 'information' feels a lot like the code behind the Matrix. Listen to this brief article at the link in the title.

Scientists Discover How Sex Hormones Define Brain Differences Between Men and Women


 How much do we know about estrogen's role in our cognitive development? according to this article:

"Hundreds of genes in the brain fall under the control of estrogen. Fluctuating levels of the hormone cause shifts in mood, energy balance, and behavior throughout life, in addition to sculpting developing neural circuits early on." -Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


 understanding the broader array of impacts our hormones have on our moods and development could be a major asset for transitioning individuals (in my opinion) and can minimize side effects during harmony treatments. 


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