@Scentsational_la and the pride of being a Business Owner.


Its February!

That means our Buying Black-Owned series continues. 

Today we want to highlight a motivational figure and business owner who has become one of our inspirations here at aurorasoul.com; @scentsational_la; Alanna Ryan.

Her Dedication, charming presentation and commitment to what she loves has always been a beacon for young black business owners and we want to share why we admire and appreciation her brand of Scentsy

In a quick interview with Ms. Ryan this weekend, She expressed what inspired her to break out into her own business, as well as the challenges she tickles as a business owner. 

Read a 1st hand account from a Black woman entrepreneur and her road to becoming 'Scentsational.'

What inspired you to start your business?

“ Honestly I was a long-time customer of Scentsy.  On my Instagram, I would always post about their products. 
but it was Scentsy products that I use and that I love. I would just post about those products and write little many reviews and what have you. 
So my friend that is a Scentsy consultant said; “you blog and you post about all these products all the time but you're not getting paid to do it. so why not do the same and get paid to do it with Scentsy since you love it and you’re a customer anyway?” I had my reservations because you know, I'm not really a sales salesperson per se.
{my friend} told me that I  don't have to be{a salesperson). it's what you make of it and if you love it and you use the products then you're really only sharing information. She told me to think of it as sharing information that I already know about products I love. So I said; okay why not .”



How do you want others to benefit from your passion?



"Well starting a business is very daunting because number one you don't know how it's going to go and number two there's just a lot of unknowns. 
So I think a part of it is just being a risk-taker and enjoying and loving whatever it is that you're providing as a service. so if you're creating products, if you're creating literature or art ...whatever it may be, you have to first believe in whatever it is that you're sharing.
The products that I am sharing I believe in them. 
They are amazing products and they’re wonderful I love them I use them daily. What I would want people to get from this is not only to bring it to your home and give to others -these amazing, wonderful smelling products- but also to just believe in something.
Yes, you have to invest a lot of your time and energy into it to make it successful. it’s going to be as successful as you put into it. so to just have that drive and that passion to be successful and connect to others because the only do you connect the other side your clients but you connect to other people who created manifest their passion in their Destiny so it's just a great connector as well."



What something on your agenda that others can watch out for?


 not necessarily connected to my business per se but something I'm looking forward to is starting a podcast.
that's going to be in the works in the next couple of months.
Just as far as Scentsy, as a product comes out I definitely will reveal videos and pictures and things of that sort and just kind of climbing that ladder of business and just seeing and networking with other business owners or people creating. 
just connecting with them and their projects as well and supporting them and just creating a community of young (lol)... youngest business owners people just you know making their own way using their drive and their initiative and their support system to be successful."



What personal characteristics of yours translates into meeting your business goals?

"well, I would say I am an Educator. so one of the characteristics that translate into that (meeting my business goals) is the skills I use every day as an educator. just being a learner.
Always wanting to learn more,
to know more,
to reach out to others and share that knowledge is probably the strongest characteristics I have that translates into me to my goals because I love learning from others and just hearing their stories.
Connecting to that and maybe you know, taking from that {story or experience} something positive that I can use in my life and share with others. so that's probably some of the strongest characteristics- just being inquisitive, curious, excited, and just always wanting to share."


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