About the Art: "Revolution..Its in our DNA"

The 1st design in The 2021 initiative, OVEREAGER’s ‘Revolutionary DNA’ is inspired by the surrealism of National Protest and the Struggles many of us are born into. 

Wishing that life wasn’t stranger than fiction, Our creative side often envisioned some grand climax where our representatives win the hearts and minds of many while inspiring a nation with change AND Truth. Unlike the Movies and fictional characters we read about in sci-fi novels, there are no Especially powered Beings to fight the face of oppression or to take the gunfire from our would-be Defenders of Justice. Instead, our superpowers have been granted by not only the blood of our ancestors, but the spirits of every victim of Police Brutality, or Government oppression in Black America, and around the World. 


{Original Sketch for the this design and others, Fall 2020}

I am thankful for every Voice in the Calls for Revolution, for what is Mankind without the freedom to be alive?

Design: Vector Art, Bold Type with a spark of Evolution. 

‘Revolution; it’s in our DNA.’


Original Artwork By Dusk108 aka PCRH


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