{re}Intro to Human DarkMatter (Our Blog and Podcast)

Human DarkMatter: A lens for understanding.

I became exhausted from trying to understand people as of late. It's not for the lack of references for data points, instead, there are too many to consider for singular individuals, albeit my best efforts to understand society beyond marketing strategies. 

Although, I have learned to recognize behavior or social redundancies as signs of psychological and personality conditions, in theory. 

For example, being able to recognize why a hoarder puts things in specific places. To be fair, I should say that I use the term ‘recognize’ in its slightest technical definition. The true ability to identify potential sociological parallels with the individual’s semi-private habits is hopefully with the skill set of professionals we hire to analyze and ‘reconfigure’ thoughts and behaviors that leave us less than optimal. 

As a series, Human Dark Matter is an exploration of understanding {ours, mine, yours} psychology thru a metaphysical scientific lens. 

Currently, this frame of understanding is exhausted. 

In short, it seems to me like more of us have near-crippling issues as a result of the passive and direct impact the general state of Society plays in aspects of our lives. 

I need a simpler frame of reference, one with a clear inference as to what the point of understanding will produce. 

Knowledge plus application = Result /Work= Skill x Energy 

What can science do with the actual discovery of, and interaction with Dark Matter?

Dark matter is a hypothetical form of matter thought to account for approximately 85% of the matter in the universe. -Wikipedia

What can we do with a deeper understanding of how and why our subconscious operates? Assuming the ‘understanding’ we seek is even in the mind. Perhaps the best and worst of Humankind is a factor of Gens, or blessings from birth. 

Hello Bright Spirits! I'm getting right back into daily content and I will leave guide notes like this over the next few weeks. Basically, this will associate with my content for the sake of clarity. with that said, what is Human DarkMatter? An analytical blog and Podcast featuring subjects that help us understand each other. Join the convo anytime by adding your thoughts or results -experiences that you have learned from or that has you specifically questioning everything- with an email or in the comments section!
Stay Bright! -Paul 'Dusk108' 

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