Prove something to Yourself.


Life is really about whatever you make it. 

If you make mistakes, success, love, hate, money…


So what's next?

More mistakes, success, love, hate, money….

If there is anything you want to change, Prove it.

Prove something to yourself, if you want to change for yourself.

 even if it's small, Prove it.

Are you a “No shit taker” Prove it or realize you do take some shit, in most cases.

How real are you at work?

You don't take anything from anyone so there is no way you're gonna be mad at yourself for not standing your ground, right?

“Oh, there is a time and a place...

Oh, I’m too real for them…

Oh, they don't want me to act up…”

Prove it

Otherwise, all of the above becomes;

“Oh, they lucky I need this Job”.

Is that all you got?

Prove to yourself, what you think you deserve and what you believe you are about. 

Your life isn't about what image you want to fit into this World,

It's about how authentic you are to yourself. That Authenticity comes from you alone and no one but you can tell you its worth.

Whatever you truly Value, Prove it to yourself with Decision and Action.

Pick something that you can do that represents your heart and interest and prove to yourself that it and you have value.

Even if it's Out of Character',

Get to know yourself better by proving something to yourself.

No one has to know but you, and you can live with that as long as you strive for your Authentic Brighter Self.

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