Professional Love Language: Customer Loyalty?

  1. Words Of Affirmation 

  2. Quality Time 

  3. Receiving Gifts 

  4. Acts of Service 

  5. Physical Touch 

 If you translated any of the above to reference Business relationships, what's the 1st thing you imagine?

Acts of Service, for example, sounds like what most business build their branding model behind. "How can be improve your lives, or solve a problem?". rational thoughts for considering how to make a difference in you life via a difference in others. With Price and availability being the level that sways from service to unnecessary but cool, No one who comes out on top would complain much as long as 'It" works. 

Let's assume you've created your act of service for your audience and in return, your clients, consumers Grant you Brand Loyalty. You need others to buy whatever your selling, literally and metaphorically. 

 Maybe our Professional Love Language chart can look something like this:

Love Languages for

Life & Business

  1. Words Of Affirmation - 

  2. Quality Time - 

  3. Receiving Gifts - 

  4. Acts of Service - 

  5. Physical Touch - 




  4. Customer Loyalty


 As an entrepreneur of near any kind, you're going to need physical support, along with spiritual and Mental. Even with that latar 2 checked off, a good mood alone doesn't push inventory for Sale. Not to mention the creation of said inventory if it be Clothing or Digital Content. 

The goal isn't to force a set of professional affirmations for invoke identity in our careers. Instead, this is to acknowledge many common things worth considering in your professional experiences with clients, colleagues and general supporters. Identifying our professional needs and who meets them, are the only keys to success in super competitive and often fickle industries like Music and Product Sales. 

 Would you consider Customer Loyalty adjacent to Acts of Service? and is that a scratched off in place of something of a better translation?

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