Would you shave your woman's legs for her?

Legs Shave

A random thought about how to compromise for what you want.

This is a pretty straightforward question with answers likely saturated in bias from the 'Of course my Queen' crowd to the 'nah bro, men don't do that' bunch but the subjective point is obvious;

  • Do you want smooth legs?

If you're a man and you want smooth legs from your mate, and he or she is fine with having silky smooth skin, post-shave, then it only stands to reason that you would participate in acquiring the results. 

Gender roles are arbitrary when the result becomes the focus. 

As a straight male with a diverse background in dating, I came across two types of women who had a preference in the way I styled and groomed my head and facial hair:

  • Those who had a preference but didn't help achieve it.
  • Those who catered to their preference.

This is about catering to your preference and not gender roles or identities with servitude. 

There are too many natural, physiological states that we collectively alter or ignore to the point where their physical presence inspires disgust or discomfort from folks we share the sack with. 

The responsibility of someone maintaining peak glamour at a cost is a little absurd. Wigs, heavy cosmetics, grooming creams & tools. High fashion photos just to be afraid or ashamed at being 'natural' without making it a movement seems weird to me. Yes, neat and clean grooming is a part of a healthy lifestyle.

However, I often wonder how many of the IG models I see would look if not for glamour for the gram.

I deeply wonder how their own comfort looks?

When beauty secretly supersedes physical, mental, or emotional health, we have a problem.

Though it may sound like I’m over-generalizing the efforts of attractiveness, Efforts that I enjoy undertaking as well I will say. I’m most curious about the balance between the steps an individual takes in pleasing others and what the emotional return is.

Then again, this may be all in vain as what's the point of effort if the job is poorly done. Alas, the best way of getting out of the conversation is simply being a terrible ‘Leg shaver’.

If I had to sum up this random semi scatter-brain opinion about shared responsibilities for each individual’s needs in the relationship, I would simply say; Help turn some of your mate's self-love sessions into a Spa Day.

Unless you think they don't deserve it...

In which case you should probably question a few things beyond the type of Candles to burn during the backrub. 

Just Saying.

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