New York Cannabis update: CAURD license's and which Part of NYC was denied.

Hey Bright Spirits!

Here’s some Cannabis news from our home state:

“NY approves 1st marijuana dispensary licenses”

From NYS Office of Cannabis Management’s official Twitter( for what thats worth):


CAURD licensees are the first retail dispensaries to open for legal adult-use cannabis sales in New York State, establishing businesses owned by justice-involved individuals at the bedrock of New York’s adult-use cannabis market. -

Here is the official listing, as well as a list of which new dispensers will be in NYC.

Cannabis NYS listing of 1st licensed dispensers.


  1. Gabbys Green LLC, 2.CGG Enterprises Inc, 3. Suzanne M Furboter, 4. Anthony Crapanzano


  1. Smacked LLC, 2. Planet 51 LLC, 3. Gabriel Marin, 4. Florisun LLC, 


  1. Royal Leaf NY, 2. Nube NYC LLC, 3. Carl M Anderson III

Staten Island

  1. SAMJNY Holdings LLC


Brooklyn and Westchester County were among several regions in NYS that were affected by a lawsuit brought on by the Cooperation, Variscite NY One, that argues cannabis licensing policy hurts out-of-state business in certain parts of the state and including Brooklyn. 

We can only speculate why that would be the case, and we won't do that here, but it's interesting to consider what regional economic differences would impact dispensers in different parts of the same state. 

The Region I thought was most interesting is Long Island and its 7 new licensed dispensaries Including Keep It 100 LLC and Hydo Phonics.

In total, about 28 private corp/small businesses and 8 Nonprofit groups received CAURD licenses in New York as a whole. For the full list and to see which dispensaries may be in your area, browse our resource links below. 


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