Science News, Fresh Mystically inspired Apparel, and Moonwlkr Gummies Giveaway?!

Greetings Bright Spirits!

1st I would like to thank everyone who participated in my Cat's Health Campaign initial. It means alot to our furry friends that we keep them in good health. The support from my friends, family and audience helps may animal companion where this Human fumbled. 

We are in Spring/ Summer mode! 

Overeager Apparel new editions are plentiful now and throughout Summer so be sure to check back for your fav multiple times a week. I would hate for you to miss a sale ;-).

Let's take a look at my pick for the week, GOLDEN XO Draped Kimono.

Based on the pattern of the same name, this design is inspired by natural geometry, combined with the ideology of what keeps us close (love / Kisses and Hugs). 

We started with the Golden Ratio to make signs of affection as a testimony to love's place in a harmonious existence. Love, in many ways feels and seems magical. where as Geometry is well, math. Yet the formulas in nature create beautiful forms that we use to express our love (flowers for example,and the  Fibonacci number showing up in petals).

 Our Golden XO Kimono comes in two fabrics, One of which is a naturally luxurious and eco friendly Silk.


Next up,

SCIENCE! kinda...Mostly.

 The video below is the latest 'WEBlynks science Briefs' entry. 

THe last video about Quantum Entanglement is pulling in triple digit Views, which is a 1st for the @dusk108 YouTube Channel!

Please Subscribe to the YouTube Channel if you haven't, and if you like content regarding Science, Magic and More Full Life aesthetic content like Short Films, Reviews for Black Owned Business, Interviews, and literally whatever else the Host can express from his catalog of life passions.


Apparel Sales and Contest.

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(example of prize only* Final Display will feature in Live Giveaway) is dedicated to the intellectual and creative masses within our human race. We participate in the future where Black excellence is an understatement, and the best of mankind shines thru the reality of our Dreams and Abilities. Pursue your passions, participate in STEM, Invest in your Future, and express your excellence via, fitness, art, music and stage.

 Sounds like a lot?

Life is full of bounty, and we haven't met someone who exemplifies that more than one of dusk108 heroes and mentors, Okema T Moore at

 Stay Brights, Spirits!

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