More on my general life views, Science, Economics, and how to Do Better as a species.

All I've been thinking about these last few weeks is how I can pay these bills while helping human civilization in some way. Society is such a bummer to me right now to the point where it's hard to ignore the growing issues while trying to work in selling Apparel and producing 'whimsically scifi' content, amongst other things in entertainment. 

There's a ton of advice anyone could give me, but it's rarely the answer. Anyone telling me 'not to worry about the issues of the world and do you', needs to understand that part of my life goal as a child was always geared towards helping the world as a whole in some way. This is why I heavily leaned towards science as a kid, hoping to better understand how to literally comprehend the world as a whole, and thus find ways to improve it.

Big dreams, I know, but it just felt like something I couldn't ignore if I had the chance to help build something better. As a kid, I leaned heavily into accepting the reality of Movies like 'Boyz in the Hood portraits. In part because my early childhood was only a notch up from those 'fictional scenes' in urban crime type of Cinema.

 It's also sad to me that the very genre of shows that capitalize on depictions of black tragedy is so popular within our own circles. However, I listen to some pretty dark music. Including original gangsta rap and death metal, though admittedly those two combined gross single digits in my weekly music genre averages. My point is, I kinda get it when it comes to entertainment. 

My issue is selling the solutions. Which is f#$king annoying the more and more I fix creative errors and optimize my production quality. I just hardly ever had the 'promo' steam. I'm far too fixated on the beauty I try to express and create, to promote any of it properly. My biggest motivation when producing anything is based on how my work can become a product that people feel connected to. It's important for me to recognize how meaningful using those connections can be when trying to create any type of Locally or Globally significant positive change. 

Looking at humanity as a whole, and our world that we've developed, I can’t help but feel a distant agony over how misused so many important global connections are. Can you imagine a world where Major product ads also included updates on how much of a positive impact each customer has had in helping, solving, or supporting any ONE Human Life crisis like a disease, or homelessness, or the ocean not tuning into a floating trash island? 

I can imagine it, and I sincerely want a society that I'm sure nearly all of us could compromise on, yet somehow is deemed nearly impossible by Leaders and heads of state. All thanks to grossly misguiding priorities when weighed against what's best for the world, and thus every being on it.

To put it simply,

Trickle-down economics (should) work something like the Planet, country, state, district, community, Family, and Self, and it works in reverse with proportional value.

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