Moonlight Journal

I love to gaze at the Moon. I feel near incomplete when I can't even see its crescent for too long. It reminds me of my enthusiasm, or to be enthusiastic. The nerdier side of me LOVES the science of our satellite. While my mystical nuances can't help but near worship the Moon. 

One night I was surprised to see it. A crescent moon at midnight, just above the neighbor’s roof behind my dark backyard. I immediately reacted as if I saw a hero fly over; Awe inspired, with a warm heart and strangely motivated. As if the meer essence carried in the air from such a wonder would grace me something special too, or remind me that I already am. 

The Moon is my ‘hero’, and like all the wonders of life that inspire me, I missed their impact on my ambition when they are not around. The strangest thing happened this night of impromptu stargazing. I forgot to keep my eyes on the sky as I fell into a mild meditative state, and a funny realization sparked across my consciousness to ‘wake’ up my eyes.


“I miss seeing the moon so much, yet I closed my eyes to imagine its ‘glow’ flowing into me, instead of actually looking at it”


It's a simple thought. A brief contradiction of sorts, that when compared to one’s intentional journey in life, would seem quite peculiar to the objective observer (so I believe). 


The Moon, that crescent hanging just above a house is only moments away from being out of sight. My Opportunity to enjoy it live is fleeting, So why would I miss a minute of it to close my eyes and imagine it?

Why miss my opportunity while in its presence, just to enjoy the thought it brings?

Sometimes people like to be opportunity adjacent just to feel good about themselves. 


I didn't come out here for the moon tonight, I came to see the few stars that I could manage in a dark yard around NYC. I almost missed it being there once I saw it, because I wanted to imagine its light and its mystical properties. 


Does that sound kinda off to you? What if I were talking about taking pictures, and as a photographer, I spent more time looking at the subject without my camera, even though I’ve been holding it this entire time.

Sometimes, people hold onto an opportunity, until it becomes their last. 

What I realized is it's often routine to think about how great something can be instead of facing what it is and moving forward. Something like a musician waiting for that One opportunity, but only recognizing it when there are no others. 


I would love to travel to the Moon in my lifetime. How much I believe that will determine the value of my efforts in achieving that, or any of my goals.


It's either Math, or Luck, though I don't want to leave my dreams to chance if I can reach them by just adding up steps and hard work.

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