Moon Monthly Digest: March Worm Moon

Featured photos were taken within the week leading up to the 9th.

'Super Worm Moon'

The Basics

The latest in this year’s series of celestial splendor, March's Full Moon is referred to as a Worm Moon. This is inspired by the fact that creatures, such as earthworms, begin to emerge from winter dormancy. I think of it as the first signs of Spring life, Assuming you don’t already have buds blooming in your nearest garden.  Though its called a Supermoon, and is the 2nd in this series of 4 for the year, the size and brightness maybe around a 7% difference. Meaning many of us may only notice it when compared side by side with the moons average and furthest distances from Earth.

3.1.2020 NYC

This month’s full moon will peak around 1:48pm on Monday, March 9th, NY time because why not call it a time zone. Sunday night after Dusk is still an ideal time to appreciate the view. As getting the right photo as it passes over or across your city’s urban skyline makes for a magical night. 


3.8.2020 Tree branch gives a 'shattered moon' appearance


For more detailed geek stats ( Like what is a Waxing Gibbous Moon) about this Full moon, check out the link below:

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