Moon Monthly Digest: February Snow Moon

Super SnowMoon Rising


2020 is going to be an interesting year for local celestial events, and with Janaury’s Wolf Moon spearheading the 13 Full Moons on this year’s agenda, we can’t help getting a little excited!


First the basics;

Tonight’s Moon is called the Snowmoon, which is adapted from Native American tribes and refers to traditional snowfall around this time of her. It is also referred to as the Hunger Moon; a grim reference for starvation associated with this time of year for those same tribes. 

 (View from NYC 8:45pm Feb 8th)

Tonight’s Full Moon peaks at around 2:34 am EST (morning of Feb 9th) with its Best Viewing potential being around Midnight.




Though this is debatable depending on how strict you adhere to the term, which references how close the moon is to the Earth, when Full. This means that the moon will appear noticeably bigger to the naked eye. However, Later moon phases this year will bring it closer than tonight. In short, it’s Super’ish. 


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