Moon Knight and Celldweller with Blue Cookies and a 'Moonrock'

 What I watched and listened to with weed and coffee recently.


MoonKnight, ep3



Mild spoilers

That scene where the night sky turned back thousands of years?! Completely bananas after a few bong rips. 

I've watched this series while preferably high enough to feel like I can fall into its dark marvel elements because to be honest, I'm kinda drained of interest in the cinematic universe as a whole. YES, I think The Multiverse of Madness in essence, feels like its going to be great, but in an 'as usual' way? In any case, what I'm trying to say is Moon Knight Pairs well with a moonrock, at least for me. The trippi'est experience however, considering the nature and tone of the show and how those aspect play out visually. Seeing Khonshu's physical manifestation for the first time while riding a slightly above average cannabis wave was a scary-fun-house type of vibe.


Listened to:

'The Great Divide' plus the Matt Lange Remix.

 Listening to both tracks in order was like experiencing a story and its sequel playing out in my imagination. Both tracks have a type of Dystopian melody, with the Remix leaning into a cyber punk instrumental in contrast to the synth-acoustic of with the original. 

Fun experience, highly recommended.


What I thought over while drinking with my parents


It was Fight Night the evening before I found my self sitting in the backyard with my parents on a Sunday afternoon. We finished the Beers I purchased for the UFC fight the night before, Modelo Negra, to be specific, and they enjoyed them as much as I hoped they would. nothing worst than wasting good beer after all.

By the time I opened the 1st of two my mother and I split, the blunt was already rolled with Orange sunshine and blue Cookies and alit. My Father was content with the Beer and his not so secret shot stash back inside. 

As we settled into a conversation about political world affairs, I notice the calming of that ever presence rebellious discomfort I have from smoking in front of, or even with some members of my family. its a joy akin to sneaking into the carnival, or something silly of that nature. Though there is also a layered ritual of closeness that I feel from those family cannabis experiences. 

We toasted to occasions such as that while the afternoon breeze cradled our worries and lifted them away, if only for that day.




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