Mcdonalds; Black Millionaire makers, or puppet masters in disguise?

52 Former Black Franchise owners aren't lov’n it (yup I did that, last one).

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While watching a Twitch gaming Stream, I saw this Mcdonalds commercial featuring Travis Scott and it reminded me of these recent Headlines:

I saw Dozens of those types of headlines from a September 1st News day that has otherwise gone cold on the subject. If you browse the links above and the plenty of others that appear after a quick search about this news, we may find that some of the common key points include:

  • This being at least 3rd such claim this Year against the Franchise
  • 2 Black Senior Executives within the Franchise have filed similar discrimination claims in one earlier case this year.
  • Mcdonald’s Claims the evidence will show its positive efforts within the Black Community.
  • Mcdonalds' (Top Executive) claims the Company has created more black Millionaires than likely any other cooperation.

The primary issue at the center of the lawsuits revolves around claims form Black Mcdonalds' franchise owners stating that the Company steered them towards undesirable inner-city locations. These locations required more security measures, had a higher staff turn around, and profited near a third less than national Mcdonalds Franchise owner's annual revenue.* 

Here is something to consider:

For the Inner cities, Black Owners of Mcdonalds really don't want to be there. How bad is the hood when one of the biggest fast-food franchises, who claims to contribute to the Black Community, doesn't want to operate where they are likely needed the most?

This most recent Lawsuit by Black Franchise Owners also claims that the Cooperation left them with fewer resources and more negative internal review marks when compared to owners of other races and locations.

Here is Something else to consider:

For this to be a recurring legal issue between the Company and some of its Black Franchise owners, only 1 of likely 3 things are possible to be true:

  1. The Franchise Owners are Lying.
  2. The Company is Lying.
  3. The Franchise Owners, etc are mistaken and Mcdonalds uniformly means well.

Finally, Consider this:

What locations and communities do you think Mcdonalds will target with the ‘Travis Scott Meal‘ ads?

I’m personally not sure. I don't know his demographic, but as the weeks go on and the data comes in; the question will surely find its answer as quickly as the News about these lawsuits stopped being news. 

The points I've listed for consideration refer to my opinion only and do not highlight the merits, or lack thereof association with this case or its potential outcomes. If you share an interest in some of my considerations or have an alternative view of the nature of Mcdonalds’ consumer and Professional associations, please enlighten us in the comment below to help create a fair, comprehensive narrative. One certainly not as divisive as the cover for this post.

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