Learn about the Brand from its creator; Aurorasoul.com's Photoshoot with KhandieWoo LLC

What beautiful time to be a Black Business Owner!

Fact is, anytime someone from your community can grow and become more than a cog within a system designed with your indifference in mind, is a beautiful time.

To add in the appreciation for my own professional blessings, I am highlighting some of my favorite raw Photos from a quick joint venture with a brand and business that inspires my own endeavors; Khandie Woo.

Watch the video below to learn more about the creative force behind aurorasoul.com and OVEREAGER Apparel!



Featuring the 'Evolv3' Design by @dusk108 is wearing a Men's Triblend tee while Khandiewoo's Ms. Perez is Summer comfortable in our Women's T-shirt Dress of the Same design.


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