Lets briefly Talk about Ads on aurorasoul.com

Currently I'm using Google AdSense to run an experiment on aurorasoul.com in order to try and configure a reasonable ( in my eyes) ad campaign that I would be happy with on a consistent basis. 

Some things are pretty obvious when it comes to the type of ads I don't want, 
  • direct competitors
  • Gross and mature sh!t
  • anything associated with major news figures

while there are a number of things that I just don't feel are a good look on a website that I've customized as a particular brand all its own. I would hate to contradict or discredit the tone of my business by having tacky, misleading or scam sponsors. 


With that said, feel feel to leave a comment it you see something you deem 'out of place', in bad taste, etc. I personally review the displayed content, but I seriously doubt the algorithms show be everything as clear as I would like. 


Think of this as a community courtesy, as well as a sincere acknowledgment for my intent to to maintain authenticity and professional integrity.

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