Insider Trading: A Cultural Economics CTA

Sports are canceled. Once sports resume, multi-million dollar athletes may make millions again via entertaining you with their physical skills.

Many of those who are entertained, will still be suffering economically while you watch ads that pay athletes to compete for your peace of mind. Because what's more American than Baseball?

"Being broke and uninspired in a country that pays big for nonessential spectacle. "

I love MMA, but I don't give a sh!t how someone like Jon Jones is doing right now. The professional fines on him alone ( approx $280,000 over his career to date) is enough to financially cover a few of our asses in hard times for a year.

What about the famous folk who make a difference?

Well, unless they've made groundbreaking innovations in the fundamental infrastructure of our basic and advancing progress as a species (cancer cures, etc) then we shouldn't be so awestruck over them using our money to make a difference.

Yes, our money. The moment we stop buying into an entertainer, their value drops and so to, revenue. Unless they were smart and invested in alternative streams of income, that figure can't do anything if you stop supporting their personal talents or abilities. 

Yet, if a mass of us equally invested in infrastructure instead of a mumble rapper, well you may not need their music to get you through tough times if you invested in times not being tough. 

Many of us don't know how, and many celebs don’t tell us.

Now to be extremely clear: It's not about right or wrong; It's about Economic valuation on a personal level.

Have you ever seen an ad asking for funding and support for some organization who needs YOUR help, even though that 30 sec to 1min slot is being broadcast during events were that collective organization holds more capital than the bulk of the fans?


do they even play those fundraising ads during your sport?

 What I don't understand is, how can our dollars go further than people who have 'all the monies'?  

Sometimes we hold others up and give them our shine because we can't glow ourselves.

That, however, doesn't equal a difference made. Frankly, no rich and famous person is obligated to do a damn thing for his or her people. The system didn't allow their success because of philanthropy.

There are mathematical formulas dedicated to how to sell to you and others like you. This isn’t a conspiracy, it’s a Facebook pixel. Those algorithms aren’t inherently wrong (though some can argue). Yet, When your famous multi-million dollar influencer uses it to keep themselves relevant while the economy sinks? I say Good on them, but we are all consumers to someone and perhaps we need to adjust our appetite.

Colin Kaepernick gambled with his fame to stand by his belief and lost his career. Nipsey Hussle expanded his economic footprint into innovation and community revival and was assassinated by a brother from Our own community.

With outcomes like this, who can blame others for not taking their stands too. Yet, of those who would speak up and stand out, we are the lights that illuminate them and one another.  There are literally millions of people who you may not fundamentally agree with. Political party lines prove that. They also prove power and support justifies the means and not the need. 

I’ve watched dozens of youtube videos that range from 10K - 500K+ plus likes that tell you how to get those likes, based on the same formula they used to get you to the video.

Once again, not inherently bad at all.

Still, what is missing from most of them I can attest to, is telling you how to sincerely relate to and offer a need to your consumers.’ How to sell a need’ can translate to “How to sell you the idea that you need this.”

I love MMA and FOOTBALL.

I need food, water, and Electricity.

I want medical science innovation because I need to not Die from a damn Virus.

Medical Science needs funding and bold minds to create fundamental change.

Celebrity and Sports Make more Money than the average engineer, farmer, or scientist, which is a need AND luxury.

I don’t need Celebs and Sports if I’m dying and they can’t or won’t help.

I need A cutting edge clinic and the resources of Tom Brady to cover it.

That life-saving Doctor will never make the same Money, saving your life compared to half the NY Knicks losing roster that we support in spite of them not providing Food, water, or electricity.

We’ve built our Economy on the backs of business who can’t or won’t do shit for us.

(Besides distract us from how terrible things are because that’s how wars are won)

Curious to know what industries some of our most high are investing in? Unless it’s part of a marketing campaign (shot out to 50 selling quarter water to the hood at an upcharge), then most successful people may not tell you how to make it, they just tell you how to dream. 

I would recommend researching celebrity investment portfolios. 

What do you need? Better ads and sponsors in Math, science, and engineering. Schools and scholars compete in those departments for grants anyhow, let them make a show of it. GIve the consumer the opportunity to support and cheer for a team that can literally advance your quality of life. Elon Musk has the right idea, he just needs someone like Tom Cruise as Mascot.

 Take the post below, as an example.


Double Major Bachelor of Science, and Media Personality Danni Washington.

A literal brilliant example of an Instagram Model, Environmental Activist, and Black Female Maverick. The work she does is not only groundbreaking for Black women but inspirational for anyone who values beauty and brains. Fundamental, and very marketable, to be frank; Ms. Washington a perfect example of the direction our focus needs shift to.


Slavery was historically a status quo across many societies, and I’m worried about the Normal Many of us are itching to get back to is just another form of oppression we have yet to fully recognize.

The reason why I gave this sincere opinion piece the title ‘insider Trading’ is because I’ve spent the better part of my life trying to get rich quickly at no harm to others. Then Kapernick changed my view of the NFL forever, and I was already in the middle of pretending concussions are overblown. 

“The future of some of these player’s health took away from the game.”

Not because I’m a medical doctor, but because it took away from enjoying the game. I saw how the big picture was about the integrity of that game and not of A people. 

I skipped a few seasons and still can’t watch it the way I want too. Not until it evens out its benefit to society ratio. The woes of the world aren’t the responsibility of the players, but it is our responsibility to ensure resources go to fixing those woes and not over inflating the pockets of a lot of people who may not even care about society on a personal level. Let alone kids who developed diabetes due to drinking some of the ‘energy beverages’ Sponsors want to be promoted. 

Sponsor a Doctor or a nurse.

Sports Psych is big business, and so should the trauma from losing a few patients. Yes, I’m saying we need a boom of Investors and Producers who want to Sponsor financially struggling Medical Fields the same way they would any cereal box worthy athlete. 

Let’s build and invest in trust funds and IPO’s for medical research. 

Any clinic or institution involved in groundbreaking research in the fields that cure or improve anomalies within the human condition, qualify for sponsorship or investment capital from the American People. 

If this doesn’t Sound feasible on a technical level to you, then improve it and resubmit the concept to save the purpose:

Reallocate our collective resource to make problem-solvers Rich. 

Right now, We live in a world where we identify the top 1% as having the Worlds cut of Money. Aren’t they getting rich from the 99% or did Aliens grant them a new form of universal currency we cant effect. Our united offerings make our world go round. Still, most of the Doctors we depend on may be in debt for up to $300,000 by the time they work on you. According to the formula in the video below, even "wack" entertainers can bank 'Doctor Money' with less investment of education, time, and finances.


Are you satisfied with that?

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