Inner Energies, Outer Worlds...

Inner Energies, Outer Worlds...

Inner Energies, Outer Worlds

What is it?

Inspired by our Original ‘I Don’t Care’ apparel illustration, We named this Pattern “Inner Energies, Outer Worlds” due to its use of metaphysical symbolic elements. 

What does the pattern represent?

Inspired by all the 7Chakras, our Pattern is meant to entice a sense of dynamic energy within space. The Name of it (Inner Energies, Outer Worlds) is a play on the concept of extrasensory perception via self-discovery.  

As far as its relationship with ‘I Don’t Care’, this pattern represents the journey, whereas ‘I Don’t Care’ is your, or someone else’s destination or, self-discovery if we dare say.  This makes the pattern more of a general Standard of what type of journey you embark own, whereas, the ‘I Don’t Care’ illustration is a subjective state, post journey. 

This is the perspective that inspired the designs. However, It’s always an amazing feeling to look at something and have it seem so clear one way, but speak to you in another. Depending on mood or even time of day, what makes our work unique in our opinion, is our effort to express dualities while consciously progressing into deeper, positive ideals. 

This allows us to state what we mean, while also leaving plenty of room for, and accommodating your interpretation of our work. 

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