If every conspiracy we thought were true...? (a 4/20 celebration)


Assume everything you've Heard is True.



Lizard people, man-made virus, vs God's will, etc. 

Hell even if you're a flat Earther spreading your scientific blasphemy, I assume you are right when I ask you,

What are we going to do about it?

I've personally learned from and been 'awaken' by individuals whom I thought were brilliant, even if they wouldn't admit it when I told them. 

I've also had fallen out's with one or two of them over the years and on not so esoteric levels. 

The knowledge they introduced me to has not been tarnished, however different our paths may be. Yet, as I see this Time -This cacophony of miss adventures we’ve witnessed- I find myself asking an even deeper question now;

How can there be those out here with all this 'knowledge' yet nothing is really being done?

Money power respect

Stay with me…

Now, what first comes to mind is the fact that they are spreading knowledge, this is doing something. most of us get this, I'm sure. The messenger and all, and their acts of informing the mass. Yes, conspiracy is the new Religion and yes, sincerely assume it's all true. 

Yes, the Bible too. 

What has anyone done about it? Positively, Really?

Sure, kill in the name of…

Hate in the name of…

The Earth is flat

The 10th Planet is really this…

End times, and all.

That's it? Is that the point to it all?

To be informed that things are shit so we can choose to kill, or hate, or abandon ship when, what? We all lose our rights to make a difference in a life that some of us are too cool to change?

Some of us with our mind, body and spirit chose to mentally and spiritually ascend to a level of empathy equal to the indifference of our actions, lack thereof of.

We simply spread the knowledge and go through motions, knowing that we Know and expecting our small rolls in a big picture, because Trump has to be a Lizard Man Illuminati dropout and I, no We just can't compete. 

I frankly don't know all that the woke amongst us are telling you and me. What I do know however, is I keep hearing new cool shit with no change.

And if you're happy Just Knowing. Stop reading.

 Keep studying and telling about all the amazing spiritual intellectual journeys you went on during the quarantine. I sincerely mean that as I love my journeys too.

Besides telling a friend, and going on my merry way to the new insiders club, what else am I going to do in a World that will Always be 'mostly' matter until I have the 




To change it?

No not, mind "over" money as in one or the other.

"Money power respect" as a rap lyric, talks about the key to life.

(life consists of mind-body-spirit.)

Money is a tool, before I turn anyone off because I respect your potential distaste.

Yet understand I have been taunt by messengers who have not done enough to change their own life, let alone the world. Yes I know Jesus was poor, unless you’re that man, shame on you for being Wise with no steady revenue.

How can you change the world when you cant take care of you?

Please lead by example, Because I have a friend who lost 30 close ones to the virus and not because they were black, its because they happened to be black essential workers. NYPD, MTA, FOOD SERVICES.

The theories on where it came from didn’t help them, and can’t help any of us now or in the future if we don’t do something about it besides spreading knowledge to a dead World. 

Keep telling yourself its a simulation, because my tears will be as real as any one of us who cried over a loved one taken away too soon.

I would rather celebrate you having a full life, knowledge be damn because we are HERE NOW


Going to do about it?

I know what I’m doing...

Everything I do is for you.

Because we are loved and its time we show and share.

Its time we TAKE OVER.

Ha, did you think I was going there? Clever spirit, you. That satisfaction of knowing is the same I felt when I couldn’t afford tomorrow’s dinner after I had to leave a job I hate but needed so I can stay afloat long enough to be satisfied knowing the story of the stars, but who forbid I never touch.

(That’s my 1 run on per Blog.)

Your Body is your Body in this life. It is literally your material presence. Money, Talent, knowledge is a tool disseminated by our Minds, from whatever ethos you align with, and actualized by our presence. If that materialization is Terror in the name of religion or triumphs within Fashion or Entertainment;

 mind, body = money/talent/knowledge,power.

If this Maybe the case and we assume Value is determined by the mass, on average, with respect to value being determined by subjective experience (such as a diamond watch and an amethyst watch equally viewed as priceless, based on sentiment experience of a singular individual), then your talent’s value, and that of your Knowledge too, can be determined by the masses the more you use it. 

Use your knowledge to spread wisdom, spread wisdom by sharing your knowledge.

Then this is enough, right?

If you’ve been reading this blog up until now...


Where is your spirit?

This can't be enough without your spirit. And if you're an Atheist and spirit is to metaphysical, I would use Morals or humanity in its place. 

Where is your philosophy to act, with your Body, on that which your mind knows?

"My Dear, Show some respect!"

I see your spirit because I respect you.

I respect you because I feel your spirit. 

We may not always agree but I respect your beliefs.

The Value of your efforts is not determined by how many people will listen to you talk about the world, it’s determined by what actions you take to change it. 

Talking alone, spreading the word has become a copout because we all believe the same things ( in the scenario of the article) so now what?

As an example; I was going to literally use the story of the Flat Earther theorist who died in his amateur rocket launch a couple of years ago. As a show of how I respect him and would have supported his effort ( for his own good of course, because I know better and want to help spread knowledge). Yet, while looking into his story for referencing in this slice of Chaos I'm composing, comes to find out he said the rockets were a passion and had nothing to do with his belief?

Link below 

(warning: They may be defaming him because he is right and the discovery channel was sponsoring a show about rocket lovers, so he was planning on using that as his way to expose the truth, and they sabotaged him. That sounds scary and probable. Just like educated Black People with a following, using their fame to gain power in government and actually change the system. because ticket sale turnouts are better than those for elections, depending on who's performing. Arnie -former Cali Governor and Terminator- did both though, a glitch in the matrix.)



Alternative view

If you’re highly spiritual with crystals and can physically feel their power, yet you don’t work with Diamonds because they are too expensive, then perhaps you don’t respect how priceless they are if you can't shell out for your passion?

That was inspired by Individuals who believe their practice got them well-paying jobs but don’t invest in spiritual items that happen to be pricey. To be clear.

Alternative View 2

I’m sorry, But Politics and Fame are like two brothers living in a dirty house full of family,  One keeps his room Clean but gives tips on how to dust from his door, while the other talks about cleaning while standing in the mess.

(every)Maaaan (women and child), if we don’t clean up THE mess AND take STAGE…!

Thank you for reading and I hope you're offended in some way.

Now please, do something(else) about it :-).

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