Human DarkMatter Episode 1

Human DarkMatter Podcast




Exploring what's behind being Human. 

Our emotions, self teachings, nature, flaws, and inspirations; This platform converses about the existential physics of what makes up the human experience across various perspectives. 

  • 20-40 mins monolog with key references. 

‘Start each week with an explorative open mind for understanding what makes us tick.’

‘Understanding what's beyond the surface of being human.’


  • Why every modern American be an Independent Voter. ….Ideology
  • A society built on Science and Art
  • Is a saint a hero or do they inspire others to be one?
  • What's one thing you don't understand about people?
  • Education

Ep1 , Politics, science, art, guns.....

Party lines, and science Cliques are an over-exaggeration of the human need to be defined as different from others. In fact, I wonder if it is that need to feel special, that drives most of us to commit to shortcuts like only thinking like this, or only being like that, in spite of the innumerable options to grow. Simply put, most people are not interested in those options if they do not align with our nurtured sense of value. 

I challenge you, think of something considered high society years ago that we would find absurd today?

(Pineapple accessory, anyone).

What we value and work for is contemporary, yet so many come into power just to hoard it. I find that to be a successful example of our basic instincts. Something that greed has corrupted, but not alone if Pandora's box has anything to say about it.

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