What would an OAV be like? Human Dark Matter

(an) Objective Alien View

Do you ever try to look at our humanity from an off-world perspective?

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I find it fascinating to think about how an alien civilization would view and judge Our society here on Earth.


What would it look like if we had the ability to objectively view humankind as a whole? and how would our objectivity be determined? With math being the primary Universal constant that we conscious beings use to understand the nature of our existence, it is perhaps on that focal point that we would anchor our objective gaze.
With Cosmic Order & Chaos being the backdrop of our temperament in reality, how much of what we have undergone and accomplished as a species would even make sense to beings Who all are evolved enough to treat our solar system as An Interstellar Safari tour?

Would our actions equal the signs of a species in route to being in harmony with reality?


Optimistically I like to think that we are going through our Growing Pains as a species. In truth, the easiest thing anyone can use to distinguish our integrity as a self-improving collective from that of what humans consider primal is our ability to literally destroy ourselves.

From our current view of existence, there is nature. The observable natural order of any microcosm we analyzed. It often involves in order maintained by the survival of the fittest. be that predator and prey, or a vampiric binary star system where one is just slowly consuming the other- Fitness is determined by the ability of one component to survive, thrive, And overcome obstacles within the environment and compared to other similar entities.

Holistically simply put, I can say nurture would follow next. You can be subject to your nature and your environmental factors, and/or You can be nurtured by yourself Via familiarization of your environment in conscious adaptation to meet self-determined needs given the options of your expanded environmental range (where are you now, where can you go, how). That ability is something companies like Amazon share with Platinum rappers; adaptation to the point of being the Pinnacle.

But I wonder what's missing?


We see flight in nature, and our ability to self evolve in the pursuit of what we believe is possible has allowed us to make machines that emulate the ability of naturally flying creatures. The obvious but biggest difference throughout our evolution in science and technology and that of nature is how the bird naturally evolved to fly in the first place. Yes, we can understand the physics of the object using science and math, then we engineer our interpretation, or rather a solution to what we perceive as a dilemma in not being able to fly. We understand and compete against nature rather than true emulation.


Yes; Society has a standard of growth and operation that has allowed humankind to get to this point In-Spite our self-destructive tendencies and otherwise imperialistic Pursuits. However, it so often goes against the grain that nature has established over time and because of that, we are wearing down the integrity in the beauty of life.

We fly to space because of controlled explosions in we think it's super cool. At least most of us did until more of us became more aware of the overarching impacts from industries that contribute to environmental degradation. Which ultimately affects us in exponentially hazardous ways ( Because we are in an environment that is degrading because of a lack of Industrial symbiosis with it).

I imagine that if any of us were given a fundamental view of unquestionable facts; Facts that are so comprehensive they rival the Simplicity of 2 + 2 on a college entrance exam. if we had this bird's-eye view with Clear Eyes of a microcosm In the throws of its evolution or rapid Extinction, and we could clearly see the path and its factors like a chess match near checkmate, perhaps then we would truly know enlightenment through a Symbiosis with reality instead of constantly pushing against it.

At least I think that's what an alien would ponder about us.

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

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