HTOM: Your Card the Sun/ Run Forever

Emma Ruth Rundle

Run Forever -AudioTree Live

Emma Ruth Rundle - Your Card the Sun / Run Forever - Audiotree Live

Evocative, Raw, and with Lyrics that echo across the live atmosphere of the Video for one of my favorite tracks from Emma Ruth Rundle, “Run Forever.”

What I appreciate upon a second viewing was how much of a difference the Lead in verse, ‘Your Card the Sun’, made for the tone of the main piece. It was so subtle, flowing from the setting of equipment tuning, into the beginnings of thoughts and emotions forming the bare but beautifully elongate bones of a masterpiece, hiding in shows. 

Carrying over into the familiar beginning of “Run Forever”, that charming danger of an acoustic theme for Bonnie and Claude emerged more sympathetically thanks to its intro (?) in the form of ‘Your Card the Sun’. Which in its own right is a fascinating, fantasy-inducing visual concept. The Nerd in me thanks of it as Power Yu-gi-oh! play, but in the serious tone of Batman Begins. Hey….if I lost you little, don’t forget the theme of this Blog Series.

My First Experience

I watched and listened to this the morning of my writing for HTOM. It was before twilight, and I enjoyed the dark ambiance of the quiet morning in a backyard I’m thinking to have access to for those moments when I feel like unraveling my worries into the mist of smoke and music. I felt as though this listening session grounded me, as this song typically does. There is a hidden truth behind how relatively unrelatable the theme of Love is explored in the song. A part of me respects it for being more exposed and edgy than my worst relationships.

“If we both get caught then we'll run forever

If we both go down we go down together”

-Emma Ruth Rundle

Let me know what you think of the full lyrics and how they make you feel.

My Vibe with ‘Your Sun the Card/Run Forever’: 

  •  Mood Range: Reflective, Raw, Dark
  • Settings: Camp Fire, Silent Morning Yoga
  • Artist Element: 90s post-grunge

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