HTOM: "The Great Divide"

This Song happened to bump off another I had in-line for this week's entry. It surprised me, I wasn't necessarily looking for where it eventually took my emotions, but I was happy to be there. 


The Great Divide. 

 As always, its the poetry in music that grabs me at any serendipitous moment. 

"It's always the same
Tears for a time we can never regain..."


 This sounds like a statement of recognition for the pattern of regret and wasted energy. This is of course how I interpret it based on my relation to the lyric and tone of the song. 

I was listening to a random playlist of artist similar to and including Celldweller at the time this track popped up. Nothing unusual until I realized in spite it being released in 2017, I have yet to hear it from the Klayton produced rock project. Honestly, I missed the entire Offworld Album, Which feels absurd to me given that I have been listening to Celldweller -all be it sporadically- for well over the last decade. 

Also, Can we take a second to look up again and appreciate that album art?



<   <

Acoustic guitar lead, keys and Harmony from an otherwise Rock style will get me every time. the base heavier chorus is the icing on the cake. This feels like it has those darker, better sweet undertones that hook me. something that feels one way but can be interpreted as another, depending on mood or life out look are the beginnings of how art resonates with me. 

"But you jumped the great divide
So we'll meet you on the other side"


Not to be taken out of context from the lines that lead up to the one above, collective the tone feels like;

A. They took a leap of faith and I/we will follow


B. They took a leap of surrender, and I/we will give in too.


Its crazy to me that there is a special beauty in either choice, with both weighing the same (seemingly), while being wildly different in scoop and sentiment. Frankly it was easier for me to interpret B because I was already in my abyss and this almost turned into a HumanDarkMatter X HTOM post. In a way, it still is, just minus my 'Human Math' tone that I typically shoot for when writing for that Sub-Blog. 

 Strangely enough, I also felt hopeful in the idea of taking a chance if that chance is better than the abyss some of us in-voluntarily sulk in it from time to time. This song feels like the theme for it (that chance) and I can easily see how beautiful over-coming-hardships can make serenity feel. Most of us, all of us only wants happiness, Period. Working hard for it shouldn't be frowned upon, but we just want the journey to be worth something. 

...We'll jump the great divide
And you'll greet us on the other side
On the other side

On the other side...


My High with; The Great Divide

 Mood Range: Nostalgic, Depressed, Hopeful, Inspired. 

Settings: "The Abyss(your quiet place)", Hiking (don't get the wrong idea;-), Chill room low light vibes. Desert barn-fire sway (now I'm just making sh!t up).

Artist Element: Sci Fi Emo

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