HTOM: Room full of cards

 Tonight I am pairing ‘Room full of Cards’ with a mystery weed blend that, so far has been symbiotic with my workouts and creative work sessions. I have a casual active state of accomplishment anxiety from time to time as of late. I prefer it over any other type of emotional unrest that impacts my physical being, as It adds a sense of empathy to my work loud. Something I can use to become fond of my ambition again and enjoy the process. This song feels beautifully emotional on any given day for me, but how will it feel when I completely submerge into the music video for the 1st time, and while elevated in a cloud of cannabis ether? -




-I fall into a memory from a reality that could have been. Not quite my own, but familiar to the heart. This track, along with the video feels like a ghostly ballroom serenade meets futuristic mecha anime dramatic lover’s remorse scene. To me, the song feels like that, or a flight into a beautiful horizon but knowing it’s the last one you may see for a while. The undertones of hopefulness are bittersweet considering that it’s only the illusion created by past experiences brought to the present in order to cope with the loss of that type of love. 



Hold me in your arms

And don't let go

I need you to hold me closer


-’Room full of cards’

The comfort in those words are betrayed by the previous line in verse 2;

[Verse 2]

...To love someone who doesn’t love you…

Missing someone who you don’t need back, but enjoying the sinful beauty of giving in to the yearning for them, if only in your imagination. 

My Vibe States with  ‘Room full of cards’.

  •  Mood Range: Melancholy to Casual
  • Settings: Alone thinking, gaming, or creating contemporary visual art.
  • Artist playlist priority: High, (this may be my top fav from him as of this post)

Let me know if you like this song and what type of mood completes the vibe for you.

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