HTOM: My Demon and I; Kintsuku

I first experienced this experimental pop track on the artist’s live twitch stream. Something about her voice was fantasy-world familiar to me. As it felt like I drifted into a surreal anime world set between Cyberpunk and pre-utopia. It inspired an uplifted introspective as I explored the world in which the melody and lyrics carried me across. An upfront foray into my own duality, This feeling was only enhanced once I saw the music video for it, along with hearing the final polished track.

The “flashing lights “ warning at the beginning caused me to double-check the side effects of the weed in my tubby 7-inch bong. As if I even knew what strain it was,  I pressed play with confidence that it can’t be any worse than playing vividly animated OVERWATCH and sure enough, The dark psychedelic Vibe I envisioned on first hearing the song rang true in the video. She was Eerie, sincere in somehow seductively rude. To me, the song is definitely about making peace with your inner demon however, that piece doesn’t mean subordination by your darker side.

Uninvited unintended….
...Sword becomes the shield...
This song is also included in my nightly makeshift gaming soundtrack. It complements the Exploration into action-packed virtual worlds. I really begin to appreciate the music while meditating outside 1 Night. I didn't have it quite as loud as I would in my room, because I find the perfect volume at medium high, instead, I had it piping through my earbuds while I allow my body to dance freely as if no one was watching. I really hope no one was watching. A great song to release energy to, My demon and I feels like a necessary ballad for those of us who need to be reminded that sometimes we are the darkness that we accept. 


She’s the devil I need -
To hold ...


My Vibe with ‘My Demon and I’: 

  •  Mood Range: energetic, playful singing away the truth over a drink with friends who feel the same.
  • Settings: Private Party Lounge.  Gaming, Dynamic physical activity (whatever gets your cardio going) 
  • Artist playlist priority: Number one from Kintsuku. My fandom started with this song. 

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