HTOM: Industry Baby

I saw the video for it first. One morning while changing up my am routine from World News to music videos, I switched over to REVOLT, seeing as I enjoyed the video lineup that I've come across from them lately. The brief music video skit caught my attention immediately, especially seeing as it was lil Nas X. Though I don't frequently go out of my way to watch his music videos, it is not without being enticed by the fascinating artistic spectacle he compliments our reality with now.

I watch the video as a heterosexual male with a creative backbone and I was able to witness the duality of my shyness versus masculinity while watching male dancers perform roles that I'm equally shy about while watching female dancers perform. My second thought was pondering how many men did I know might feel uncomfortable with this video.

I was personally amused by that thought, and I can only imagine Lil Nas X being amused assuming he would even care at this point.

With all this in mind you have the actual narrative within the song;


You was never really rootin' for me anyway (like, ooh-ooh)

When I'm back up at the top I wanna hear you say (like, ooh-ooh)

He don't run from nothin', dog

Get your soldiers, tell 'em that the break is over…


In Earnest I was saying f*** yeah during parts of his verses. At this point it's easy to support him fully, avoid him, or be a turbo hater.

I appreciated his artistry upon my first discovery of his music, but it isn't until recently that I consider him a part of my personal catalog.

He reminds me how I felt when I first discovered the broader range of Prince. Artists like them stand out so much to me because I considered them beautiful outsiders who are creative lighthouses for my own artistry being widely appreciated, while being as sincere to their own, and vision as possible. 

Paradigm Shit

 Changing popular context allows us to appreciate physical artistry. Remember, women have been over-sexualized in music videos for years and I think most of the dance moves they work so hard to learn go underappreciated because of it. The vulnerability of seeing nude, yet strong athletic male figures dancing in a prison shower is Broadway-after-dark type of artistic brilliance.

 All the elements of expression, sex appeal and performance art are there. The difference for me is I personally didn't oversexualize the figures, as such I felt as if I could appreciate more from each performer. Take into consideration that I highly appreciate the performing arts.

My High with Industry Baby 

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