'Three Dimensions Deep' Preview + HTOM News

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 (Reference credit: https://notion.online/digital-cover-amber-mark-three-dimensions-deep/)

I couldn't want until this years first music releases across the spectrum of indie and mainstream artist I listen to. With February Just beginning, I have a previous months worth of releases from FKA Twigs, Cordae, and even the Temptations to dive thru while high, drawing, or working out. To kick off the month for me, I had to go with Amber Mark's Three Dimension Deep. 

The Album title alone inspired me to believe I would experience the emotional anatomy of being human, and yes did it deliver. 

The album is structured in three acts mapping Mark’s journey at different stages: identifying her own insecurities, working through the messy parts of self-discovery, and finally reaching a solid sense of self-worth.



 HighTypeOfMusic will be become a sub genre for HighTypeOfMedia. Same #hightype thankfully, and this allows me to cover a broader subjects outside of Music, but still either with a Joint, Doing Fitness, or experimenting Meditational accents.





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