From the Album; VENGEANCE

If you haven’t heard music from Twelve Foot Ninja, I suggest you check out my IG short where I play quick clips as an example of the genre splicing “whateverIwantCore” style of the band.

The Style of their music resonates most with how it feels like my mind and emotions operate; Harmony from a near chaotic stew of audio moods and riffs.  There is a loud beauty and attitude to the track, GONE, which I believe to be one of the more mellow offerings featured in Twelve Foot Ninja’s latest album, and a smooth example of a more  80s-Future pop-Core blend for a record. 

My first impression on listening to the opening of the song was that of a cool 80’s themed virtual resort in the near future. A dangerous getaway, from the confidence of your imagination, GONE calls for me to say ‘fuck’ my sorry's, and get to where I need to be. Hence the Danger, metaphorically, in giving up and getting out.

I’ve got no time for redemption
Adios and so long...
-”GONE”, Twelve Foot Ninja

It feels like a reminder to stop letting the idea of a repeal to hold us back from moving forward. Sometimes you don’t have to wait for acceptance or forgiveness to find happiness. This doesn't translate into safety, however.

...The hounds are trying to sniff out my wrongs
I’m walking a wire
If I step one foot out of place
They will feed me to the afterlife...
-”GONE”, Twelve Foot Ninja

Needless to say, these are my personal interpretations of the lyrics and not just the intended meanings, if any. 

That’s the fun when listening to, and watching videos from this band. The Adventure, the energy, and ambition to cross genres into one condensed story is the life behind the music they produce. 

If you want some rock, metal vibes with minimal Hardcore, check this one out next time you daydream about an Escape towards a better tomorrow. 

My HighVibe with ‘Gone’: 

  • Mood Range: Energetically Contemplative
  • Settings: Workout including weights and cardio circuit.  semi Fast pace, open-world gaming. 
  • Artist Element: Journeymen of Genre blending, storytelling Multicore Music.

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