-------Circa Survive Cover Art

This one feels like a voluntary drive into the unknown. 

Circa Survive is a top 20 regular on my weekly music playlist, and one of their latest releases, DRIFT, is going to fit right into my more solemnly hopeful moods. 

Lyrically, The song stays in the poetic rock format that I have come to deeply appreciate.  Look up ‘Pomander’ if you’ve never heard of one. The use of the word at the end of verse 2 defined the visual direction of the imagery painted with each line leading up to it. 

I always find Circa Survive’s music more relatable due to their style of storytelling. Drift also reminds me of circumstances where a person ‘Drifts’ away from who they are or what they love.

...You don’t have to follow every step

In the empty room that you cry

I’m not looking for a reason to stay

Never knowing who to betray.

  • Circa Survive

  • That sample was from verse four and I find that last line the most interesting when you apply it to a toxic relationship and how betrayal is determined. Obviously, the first example of betrayal in a romantic relationship is cheating in a sexual manner. Perhaps followed by emotional cheating. Betrayal, however, can be self-inflicted. As you betray your values staying in a committed but emotionally unhealthy relationship. 

    My High with ‘DRIFT’: 

    •  Mood Range: Respectfully Deep. Drifting into self-reflection
    • Settings: Quiet, solo. Driving at night or during a Cali sunset ( I would imagine)
    • Artist Element: Relatability.

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