HTOM: Blood of the Past & Skyline

This entry is going to be a little different as I'm doing 2 songs instead of 1.  It's not because I think the songs necessarily pair together and tone Tempo or Melody. Instead, it's just the vibe I'm on. I appreciate the qualities of my experience when I play both of these songs end my current rotation.

First stop, we have blood of the past from the comment is coming.

  next, we have Karma fields with their track Skyline, the acoustic version.

Blood of the Past’  has a rich, Mardi Gras trumpet-  ‘big band’ feel to it. A long track at 8 minutes and 15 seconds, the consistent instrumental allows you ample time to enjoy the buildup to its vocals, as the atmosphere and tone are set with the opening rhythm. Frankly, the most beautiful thing about this song is the hidden veracity behind semi-stoic poetic delivery,  with cool undertones about the State of Affairs in our shared reality. Touching on topics like social media oversaturation, Corporate interest running lives, In that rude Dog-eat-dog dark attitude we often encounter within society, there is an overtone of Hope as the very namesake of the song illustrates the strength from our ancestry that, if properly tapped into could be the real image of our society come to fruition.

 When I listen to this I like to read along with the lyrics. It Feels So underground poetry Cafe in a semi cyberpunk future Society. The piece feels like a revolutionary ballot told with animosity but a sincere commentary on how the speaker observes the World they are a part of.

My Vibe with ‘Blood Of The Past’: 

  •  Mood Range: Revolutionary
  • Settings: Poetry Slam Cafe, 
  • Artist playlist priority: Top 5 in rotation from this Group’s catalog.

Next up we have Skyline by Karma Fields

I only focus on the acoustic version because the sentiment with the piano keys compliments the lyrics and pairs nicely when I apply it to this fantasy state of a ‘dream coming true’ but being bittersweet.

I also kind of Envision this as being a perfect addition to the soundtrack of an alternative Superman movie. Am I weird for saying it feels Kryptonian in nature? futuristic hopeful with an accent of danger, 

hunt me down

 find our flame 

Those lyrics compared to;

 I often wonder 

where you go 


I'm naked and on show

-Karma Fields

The character in the song has an air of Stockholm syndrome to them. only feeling secure in the shadow of a toxic relationship. But perhaps I'm reaching a bit, while the opening stanza in the lyrics teases and Air of reclusive venture.

 sweep me away

 tender lands… 

-Karma Fields

I first heard this song as background music for an art twitch streamer. Someone in the chat had made the initial, inquiring about the song and then we all followed up, engaging in the conversation where we later compare Karma Fields to Mass Effect, as far as the way it makes us feel when listening to music. I thought that was an interesting comparison and hence here we are; Me listening to a new, old band for the first time and playing that energy forward. Good thing music is timeless because I'm always catching up. 

My Vibe with ‘Skyline’: 

  •  Mood Range: Dreamy, reflective, Artsy. 
  • Settings: Paint and Canvas, Pre meditation
  • Artist playlist priority: Top of the List (currently) from Karma Fields.

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