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If you're new to the content, or format (on Youtube normally) all you need to keep in mind is this little corner of my world is dedicated to sharing my altered state music experiences with others, and hope they will share too.

Weed, Meditation, Fitness Zone, Intense gaming, I can go on in naming elements which alter our state of consciousness. What I find as something any one of the previously mentioned may have in common is the music we listen to. Specifically, I like to explore what exactly happens when I match my #420 high with music, and how my general experience changes thanks to that one song that helped trigger some journey thru my already altered state of consciousness.
Tonight, let's talk about:

I first heard this song while looking for something to accent my somewhat dreary lover’s mood. I had just come off a week and a half listening to ‘Onto Something’ by Jayla Darden as self torcher for not being in love, again. I needed a change of mood, but still wanted to feel that rush from sensuality. The title alone was a perfect fit, as I was already high while looking for a vibe to immerse my thoughts in.

As soon as the beat dropped, the bassline resonated with my heart beat, yet daring it to pulse deeper into my passion. It was lust springing fresh across my garden of disappointment. To be honest, it was refreshing. I gave into the melody of this track while allowing the sonic waves I swear I feel coming through the surround sound to carry me into the world of this song.

The last line of the bridge redefines the moment a touch, while adding a sense of mischievous guilt to my ride. I also feel like I dated someone a while back that feels like this song. Which does not spoil the ride, instead it adds a bitter-sweet artistic compliment to an otherwise melancholy memory.
I felt ‘The High’ in a very emotional sense without losing that desire for intimacy. I took away what I hope is a greater appreciation for encounters that feel like this song, minus the harsh fall back down.

Have you listened, fan or no?

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