How to Monetize your Blog; Clip and Resources.


Lets get real, a quick google search will give you a couple of tidy list to follow that helps answer the question in regards to monetizing any noun or verb imaginable. 

The key is how to find which approach works best for you and your ambition, and how to effectively implement it on you terms. One common factor  -regardless of your niche- is how to build a symbiotic relationship with the facts that matter most in generation revenue from your Blog:

  1. Content
  2. Consistency
  3. Partners

Likes talk about that 3rd one first, as plenty of motivational influences can tell you how to be consistent, and how to create content. Assuming you have a passion to represent, you need to know who can pay you and how.

Your Blog Is A Space. 

The more attention your space has, the more valuable it is perceived to be. Advertisers are paying for eyes, at the the chance that a person in your space will visit there space too. As such, Understanding the value of your virtual Blog helps to determined the value of investing time, tech, money or a little of each into creating a relationship with Ad revenue businesses.

Likes look at the most obvious, Google AdSense.

 Pros and Cons? relatively straight forward but the more you study the platform, the better you can configure it for your needs, as well as ensuring the ads displayed do not clash with your Blog or Websites business aesthetics. 


Your Blog needs to run Ads too 

whatever you write about, it needs exposure so others can enjoy your content. Their visits to your site -site traffic- helps generate ad revenue. You can pay to Run ads too, but best you maximize platforms you already use to act as promotional material. Offer a giveaway relative to the size of your audience, and ask that they share the contest in exchange for a 2nd entry. The prize could be for a $15 gift card relative to something you blogged about. 

Have All entries visit your site to Thumbs Up (or whatever) the blog post, thus acting as Site Traffic on your Blog. Remember, Blog Visits Plus Active display ads equals revenue. More or less anyway, but you won't know until you try.

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