How to (re)Build The System: Politics


A day after NYC' first Democratic primary debate for mayor and I'm thinking about how to just do the whole system different. Granted I'm not one for Political talks right now, and Im only passively engage in the Television debate as I update and compose this thought of mine about 'political systems' and how they account for leadership and proper representation.

Full Disclosure I am in no way an open commentator on politics. Not so much because I feel like my views on public figures may offend anyone or more importantly, have a negative impact on my professional bottomline. I'm actually too disappointed or weirded out by even seeing the President, now or former, speak. 

I do agree that a large society needs a governing body and representation for the factions within that society. What I'm casually pondering isn't the existence of said system, but how its components are determined. 

I want you to read and imagine the flow of the system of Representation and voting below. (*I will update this with a chart once its composed...or not) Consider the pros and cons and comment below. We can always edit it ;-)



Take a group of 100 random people split 50/50.

(Imagine yourself as a Moderator)
Tell Your 50 to write about one issue they want addressed, or would address if they were in charge.
Let it be clear that this issue is to be voted for, but we will get to how voting works in a second. 
What matters for each individual in each group, is that they understand their Solution is competing with the others in the group.


Voting for Thoughts and Ideas

you ask one group to rank the 50 from the other group. Their individual goal is to pick the one they think is the best, and the one that is the worst. 

Running for Office and Voting are separated by stating if you want to make the change, of if you're just addresses a concern. 

A representational group of The individuals who ranked similar votes for the Best idea and Worst idea are gathered, and who also has a top ranked vote within their pool, become our representatives.

Think of this like the voting Blocking chain. where Bitcoin represents the governing cabinet ...and mining is represented by the essay's.

Pools are averaged out and groups become more defined based on who voted to be a leader/volunteer within the thought/idea essays in their Group of 50. 2nd and 3rd rounds are given to those who made it out of the initial vote as a High Rank Volunteer (based on the ranks given from the other 50)

Call them our Candidates. 

"Hey we (the people) love your idea! Tell us more!"

Thus beginnings round two, but only between candidate pools until its small enough to average a group of individuals with the most evenly balanced narratives for their Tribe.

 The Highest Best and the Highest worst idea's are cataloged and compared to future rounds of voting (incase the outliers Essays reflect the current needs)

Pros, Cons, possibilities.

Requires Reps who vote to read at least 50 thoughts and ideas from people who aren't even competing in their pool. 

The average Voter, has to Read Several of the Best and worst Essay's, and Rank Votes from Their Reps (just the thoughts and Ideas, not whose behind them), and Rank Vote those for themselves. Think of it as checking and balancing. 

Marketing data already filters through our individual digital media presence to place us in group averages that brands use to Sale to us. Republican and Democratic leaders are like brand ambassadors at best, Dictators at worst, but frankly somewhere in between. 

That's why you support the hard choices the leader you voted for has to make, while rivals use it as a way to create divisiveness and distract us for different agendas. 


With the loose scenario I've imposed, and scaling it up/across spans of individuals, it allows the people to represent themself as they prefer, while identifying their goals for themselves and the society they imagine. 

If you live in the Woods with tons of strangers, would you want to know whose on the same page as you? that's only step one. as we gather our tribe based on some central ideal of need, some may naturally want more or less power. 

If everyone in the woods can agree that something should be done about us all in the woods, the only question is what? 

My makeshift system address the need for everyone to be heard and at what level, and for enough indifference in voting where logical and rational may outway competitive sabotage. 

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