How much of your personal Life can be understood with math?

I think for most people, math isn't relatable. This in turn discourages their interest. For others, it feels too hard, or even pointless to learn beyond financial terms.

These perspectives are a tragic comedy for short-sightedness. I'm not a mathematician, but the more I recognize it in every aspect of life, even social and emotional, the more my wish for a better academic society intensifies. Math equals logic, which is what some Humans apply to understand units/factors in real life.  It includes, but goes beyond just cause and effect, it's the understanding in-between the formula. 

Addition and subtraction (should be) a subconscious understanding for most of us. 'Addition is =more, add to, etc.' 

What about physics? We live, interact with and literally manipulate formulas every time we increase our ability at a sport we’re training in. 

This would stand to reason that there are several ways to understand a jump shot.

  • Position of rim and backboard vs distance equals how much energy you need to form the arch towards the hoop. (A miscalculation of depth perception can make an airball from a strong NBA player look like a physically weak attempt)
  • Visually recognizing the shot, and overlaying that as a guide during practice.
  • Drills until micro corrections form muscle memories 

Based on the individual experience, those listed above, and others may correlate into a 'style' one person may use versus another to get the same result. 

Beauty is in the style. We often forget that. And there isn't enough diversity in how to understand complex math on a fundamental, associative level to accommodate the abundance of unique perspectives societies has.

Think of how many styles of martial arts there are, compared to why they basically exist.

Even Individual traditions may originate from the same experience or era.

My argument is this; the principles of mathematics can help understand almost every dynamic in your personal, emotional, and social life. If for no other reason than to eliminate bias like emotional position, family, or opinion, and give you a clearer understanding of not only your current position (how you feel vs how you want to feel) and its effectiveness but how to recognize formulas that favor your growth and success over ones that clearly don't. 

What are Statistics to you? Your understanding of its meaning and modern application.

For me, I recognize the beauty of creating a system that interprets tens of millions of individual reactions into a level of causality on a leverageable scale. Otherwise known as Marketing. You would think I love it more, based on that perspective of factoring in notions (human behavior and interest) into predictable outcomes I can lead. Otherwise known as driving engagement and sales for my business ventures. In my mind, it actually dehumanizes my view of society more. Which is literally hard to live with when everyone is 'just a statistic'. 

Maybe we all shouldn't learn that type of 'life math', no more than everyone being a mortician.

I will recommend everyone take a moment each day to ask themselves in situations they find themselves in, 

What are the stats for this situation and me?

If a bar graph has helped you understand in school, it was how to recognize potential outcomes based on trends. 

What do your actions equal, vs. what you want?

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