High type of Music: Pretty Kitten

'When your upper consciousness is in a vibe'

  I don’t know if it's trendy, but I LOVE specific chopped and Screwed tracks when I’m slowly floating in a realm of windows that overlook my past, present, and the feeling of my potential future state of mind and emotion. 

After a short introductory listening session into the musical world of Duah Saleh, I knew within the 1st two tracks (one of which was Body Cast and wooo, an anthem for the times, if any. Link at the end of this post.) that I would likely pair Saleh’s music with many a vibe. The second thing I was excited to explore was different versions of a song. Remixes, features, covers, etc.When it comes to an artist or a few songs that give me that certain feeling, I love all their versions! It’s like having your favorite ice cream all week, with a different topping each day. 

After a quick google music search, I saw Pretty Kitten at the top of my 'Chopped and Screwed' Dua Saleh search results.

Already High and going blind into a vibe can be hit or miss. Especially if you’re not sure what you are in the mood for. It’s most ideal to just ‘Be’, and trust the flow of whatever music app dominants your streaming devices. For this occasion, I knew there was somewhere I wanted to go, and Dua Saleh was taking me on a roller coaster ride towards my subconscious destination. 

Pretty Kitten, followed by a Chopped and screwed version of this song while setting back from a moderate hit with a 12-inch bong was like tripping backwards into the clouds. I peer over my shoulder as I float, or fall into emotional memories of how my heart-felt while falling into lust.

Like the prequel to a true connection, the subtle sensuality that comes from looking at a beautiful adventure you wish to surrender to, if only for the night, ‘Pretty Kitten’ chopped and screwed  did for me what few songs have while high;

It reminded me of that feeling of mischievous sexual desire.

Lets note; I’m not speaking for the song.

In some sense, I can read a sense of desperation from the 'Character' in the song. Especially the slowed version. I Can see it play over a movie scene where two lovers are dealing with a slow addiction of some type. 


Personally, It’s my current go-to when I want to feel the slightly wicked seductive side of myself. 

Can you relate or does this ‘high’ hit different?

LMK what music makes you feel that type of way while under a higher influence.

Be brave in the comments below, It won't hurt;-)


Dua Saleh - body cast (Official Audio)

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