Hi! Welcome Back :-December updates.

Greetings, that title was a note to self. lets see how long it sticks.

Get it, sticky notes....:-l


If you're still reading after that pun, you either know me well enough to half expect it, our are curious to see if there is a point beyond my #dadjokes to justify clicking this Blog update.

To that points:

What's New

  • I've been learning a new creative skill while silent and in my personal Abyss, more on that later. That skill will mix with my other current artistic abilities to help me create better work to sale. 
  • The Dusk108 Show is still the thing, and thanks for all the positive feed back. It sincerely means a lot and helps carry my ambition over into progress, though it takes me some time to absorb the positivity it would seem. 
  • Its gonna get weird y'all, in a psychological sci fi way. Buckle up for that, as I'm piecing together one of my more personal stories into a visual work. I guess I will have to create a tiktok (spelled  'tick tok' before edits because I'm old) for that so look out for links. 

Where Have I been / The Abyss

 If not for a few bright spirits who seem to actually give a shit about me AND want to help me grow, I wouldn't bother explaining anything. Out of appreciation for individuals like them, I want to simple say this; Humankind no longer inspires me, but You all DO. I hold each of you close in my visions of a better future as people like YOU give me reason to even try to share my work. It is also my lack of general-give-shit for the current social ego that has allowed me to create a story that uses science Fiction to illustrated my journey as the type of Being I am. 

Thank You, and Stay Tuned.

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