Here's a Chakra Inspired mindset guide for how ideas develop.




7 steps based on chakra chart. steps to develop yourself and ideas. ideology.[7 steps based on chakra chart. steps to develop yourself and ideas. ideology.]

Hey Bright Spirits!


What do you think of the principle illustrated above?

We wanted to create a structure for development, based on the experience of a plant seed and gardener, as an experiment for understand systems of balance from the lose influence of ruling Traits associated with seven of the chakras.

We started with 7, than 1. Seeing the duality between the two. Our thoughts of the Root and Crown Chakra are reflected in two ways;

As a metaphor for Beginnings. 

You Root yourself into the best path for growth. Reaching towards the light, in this sense your goal, your path will always have the reassurance of a higher cause. 

As a metaphor within the Seed and Gardener scenario. 

The gardener plants the seed based on their vision of what they want. He either has the seed and envisions the Plant. or Envisions a Plant and thus seeks the seed. In either case, the next step is to nurture what you have; a Dream or a Reality until they align with your vision. 


We think of this as a minimal guide for growth and acceptance and the route between the two. Its just as important to accept what you have as it is to envision what you what. If all you have is a couple of seedlings, than your vision of their growth must in include what it takes to nurture your seedlings in a way they need that also fits your expectations for them. Accepting the flaws in technique or quality of seed is the plateau before growth. Which is way we see it in the middle of either Start point. 

 Perhaps an interesting conversation starter about life perspective? please let us know your thoughts or changes amongst the community so we can accept new ways to grow too.





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