Get Over Yourself and Others = Evolution of Humankind?


What if self-evolution is acquired the more we get over our own b*******? 

Some people denied versions of themselves because of various reasons. Sometimes those reasons are systemic of social satisfaction, or rather the results of stigmatization by who you thought were your community members. 

Let's not forget the application of morality and right and wrong, speaking directly to how they influence your way of life and what's acceptable. This isn't to say that you should accept something that is morally dark and harmful to others just because it's right to quote "be yourself." 

I took an Oath of Truth one time and had it signed by witnesses stating that I wouldn't lie for a year. I broke it after 8 months when I told a lie to my boss to get out of a day at work. Now this isn't an ideal way to live your life and I'm not judging anyone who tells any assortment of lies for necessary or unnecessary reasons, instead, this is an example of is my dedication to living a lifestyle that didn't require the uncomfortable nature for me to uphold a lie.

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Understanding disappointment in others  

Some of the people who disappointed me the most were self-professed empaths. It leaves me questioning the weight of my nature and if I somehow repelled people who vibrate on the higher planes that I (used to?) admire. After consideration, I concluded it is the very weight of being an empath or any next level of One’s pursuit for awakening, that conflicts with human nature. War, love, deceit, all aspects and even biblical characteristics of what it means to be a part of humankind.

Perhaps the goal is not to pretend we are above it but to not let it define our relationships in life. I sincerely want to understand people on various levels. Come to terms with religions, philosophies, and perspectives that I may not agree with or personally accept as my own but I can rationalize in some way. Given that I've allowed myself to have intimate experience with the honest belief of the individuals leading those lives. I imagine anything less than that is as anti-climactic as the Mandarin reveal in Iron Man  3. If those types of shallow dramas are all life has to consistently offer, I can see why some celebrities check out, regardless of the fame. 


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One-Step, Together

I believe most of us would agree with wanting more out of life, yet we live with such limited resources to fully maximize all individual offerings to the greater good. By greater good, I mean the progress in the abundance of our tribes. The fact that we barely comprehend elements within our own solar system almost gives credence to flat earthers. We haven't even collectively evolved common intelligence as a species. In nature, you call that process survival of the fittest. What judges are fitness in this human-natural world? I vote we aspire for universal intellect. There are enough minds on Earth and mysteries in the universe to fuel our species curiosity streak for eons. Imagine every human on earth owning their own star system!? With such scarce signs of alien life out there, it's plausible to believe a billion human Stars in this galaxy alone. 

Consideration to known and constantly discovered and explored past civilizations, this current ERA of mankind is far behind our own potential. The theory that Egyptian architecture was designed to harness sunlight makes our adolescent trend for solar panels on rooftops seem low-tech. 

Individually, each person is Unique. Collectively, we are all someone else’s data points. The biggest difference each individual person can make is using our own unique voices to drive the Future, and not be subject to misdirection that suppresses the potential of Humankind. 

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